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Weight loss (Bariatric) surgery is a tool that in a comprehensive weight management plan allows the patient to have long-term success in losing weight and maintaining that weight loss.

Weight loss surgery is the only known cure for adult onset diabetes and sleep apnea; it can “cure” hypertension in 80 percent of individuals and significantly improve the rest.

Weight loss surgery is not for everyone. It works best for those who have seriously committed to the long-term lifestyle change necessary to make the surgery successful. Regular life-long follow-up is necessary to achieve the best results and minimize complications.

Obesity is not a disease that is conquered in a day, month, or a year. It is not a disease that is “fixed” with surgery. It is a disease that must be fought everyday for the rest of your life. Obesity is a disease that must be fought with the choices we make every single day. It must be fought for our future and the future of our children.

General Surgery

Dr. Maynard is board certified by the American College of Surgeons. Our surgical
services include:

General Surgery

- Removal of skin lesions
- Removal of Pilonidal Cyst
- Removal of Anal Fistula
- Hemorrhoidectomies
- Gallbladder Surgery
- Mole removal surgery
- Lipoma/cyst removal surgery
- Skin cancer surgery
- Abscess (boils) lancing

Breast Surgery
- Breast Biopsies
- Breast cancer surgery (Mastectomy, Lumpectomy)
- Sentinel Node Biopsies

Abdominal Surgery
- Appendectomy
- Hernia repair surgery

Colon Surgery
- Colon cancer surgery
- Removal of Adhesions
- Repair of Rectal Prolapse

The list above may not be complete. If you have a question about a particular surgery, please contact our office.


Disclaimer: This information is not a substitute for a consultation with your own physician. You should make your own decision on whether
to pursue obesity surgery, and which procedure is right for you, based on a consultation with the doctor of your choice.
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