When going through a major life change like Bariatric Surgery, it’s important to have people on your side throughout the process. It’s equally important to celebrate little victories along the way, and to have those that have gone before you share their stories of victory.

Here are a couple of examples of patients that have traveled the journey well. Thanks to these ladies for sharing their stories!

Amanda Yarbrough

My name is Amanda Yarbrough and I have been obese since middle school. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s in my early twenties, but even with treatment I remained obese.

Six Flags was no longer fun after not fitting on rides and embarrassingly having to get off in front of everyone. Work as a paramedic became harder because I was exhausted easily. Things I wanted to do like zip line were out of the question because I was over the weight limit.

Finally, in 2017 my grandmother helped encourage me to get information on bariatric surgery. That’s when my life completely changed. I made an appointment with Dr. Maynard and saw him for the first time June 2017. We scheduled the next six months of my plan as required by insurance.

Bariatric Surgery Before and After | Surgical Associates of Metro Atlanta, LLC

In February of 2018 Dr. Maynard performed a Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch. My follow ups have been great so far. I love the progress I have made. It has been a life saver and changer. I love and thank the entire staff. I will continue to go to the monthly meeting to learn as much as I can.

Dr. Maynard saved my life in more than one way. He saw things that needed corrected and guided me to help. If I hadn’t started this process not only would I still be obese, but I would still have undiagnosed PCOS and Diabetes.

Now I can’t wait to get season passes to Six Flags again, and I have a zip lining and cave tubing trip booked for this September without fear of my size. Thank you, Dr. Maynard, for my new life and for becoming a family that’s always there for me.

Selena Burkhalter

Six months after surgery I could never imagine how I feel and look. I went from having a size 2x shirt that was too tight to now wearing a medium. I have so much energy! I used to take 2-3 naps a day and now I have to force myself to go to sleep at midnight.

I’m no longer on the sidelines watching life pass me by. I’m living my life now, and I love it! My husband has changed his eating habits to match mine and has also lost 50 pounds!

I can’t say thanks you enough to Dr. Maynard and his staff for this amazing new life.

Selena Burkhalter Before and After Bariatric Surgery | Surgical Associates of Metro Atlanta, LLC

April Richardson

Dr. Maynard and his staff are amazing!

Back in 2017 I was facing making one of the toughest decisions of my life. I had three leaky heart valves with a lot of edema in my legs. I finally made the decision to speak to someone about weight loss surgery.

The first surgeon I spoke with made me very nervous, so I opted out of his program. I then spoke to Dr. Maynard’s office and made an appointment. The moment I walked in I felt very welcomed and cared about. I began the program with them and it was the best decision of my life.

To say I have my life back is an understatement. Four months after my surgery I was off my blood pressure medication. My repeat heart tests show that my valves have minimal regurgitation. That alone was proof to me that making this decision was for the best.

April Richardson Before and After Bariatric Surgery | Surgical Associates of Metro Atlanta, LLC

July 5th of 2018 was my 1-year post-op, and I am down 109 pounds!

I can whole-heartedly say that Dr. Maynard and his staff truly care about every patient that walks through their program.