Diabetes Diagnosis and Treatment

November 07, 2021 By Donald Maynard, MD, FACS In Diabetes
Diabetes is a hormonal condition in which an individual experiences consistently high blood sugar levels. When the glucose levels in the blood are persistently too high, this can ultimately impact the body’s organs and tissues, resulting in long-term damage.  Understanding Insulin Diabetes is due...

Diabetes 101: A Breakdown of Diabetes for the Bariatric Patient

October 24, 2021 By Donald Maynard, MD, FACS In Diabetes
Understanding Diabetes
Diabetes mellitus (DM) is an endocrine (hormonal) disorder characterized by frequently high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period of time. Our glucose (sugar) levels in our blood are tightly regulated by insulin (a hormone made by the pancreas), which is designed to keep our bloo...

8 Healthy Habits to Lose Weight

August 01, 2021 By Donald Maynard, MD, FACS In Weight Loss
For over 20 years, I have worked with people who want to lose weight and avoid weight regain. For the same number of years, I have heard the most baffling words from these same people: “I don’t know how.”  I can’t imagine anything being farther from the truth! We all know the things require...