What to Expect At Your Gastroenterology Appointment

June 06, 2022 By Donald Maynard, MD, FACS In Pre Weight Loss Surgery
gastroenterology appointment
Before bariatric surgery, most surgeons will require their patients have an upper endoscopy with a gastroenterologist to review the anatomy of their stomach and esophagus. Before bariatric surgery, a gastroenterology appointment is necessary to minimize the risk of surgery. A gastroenterology consu...

How the Gastric Sleeve Helps You Lose a Lot of Weight

May 23, 2022 By Donald Maynard, MD, FACS In Bariatric Procedures
How the Gastric Sleeve helps you lose a significant amount of weight
The gastric sleeve is an operation where we remove about three-quarters of the stomach. Your stomach goes from a large, expandable stomach to a very narrow, high-pressure tube of a stomach.  Bariatric surgeons have been doing this operation in the United States for over a decade now. The initial th...

Managing Headaches After Bariatric Surgery

May 09, 2022 By Donald Maynard, MD, FACS In Post Weight Loss Surgery
Headaches after bariatric surgery
Headaches after bariatric surgery is surprisingly more common than patients are led to believe. In this blog, we will talk about why people get headaches after bariatric surgery and some remedies you can use, and how we typically treat these. One of the critical things to note about headaches is whe...

Taking Medications after Bariatric Surgery

April 25, 2022 By Donald Maynard, MD, FACS In Post Weight Loss Surgery
Resuming Medications after Weight Loss Surgery
Medications after bariatric surgery vary significantly depending on the type of bariatric procedure you had as well as how rapidly your health improves. Obesity is linked to many health conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, cancers, and arthritis. Studies have found that around 80% of bariat...

Responsibly Drinking After Weight Loss Surgery

April 18, 2022 By Donald Maynard, MD, FACS In Post Weight Loss Surgery
Drinking after weight loss surgery
Today we’re going to talk about drinking after weight loss surgery and some of the negative impacts alcohol can have on weight loss surgery and your post-op care. Alcoholism has its own set of issues and complications, and we won’t be going into that specifically. But we will be talking about h...